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Bed Bug Myths Debunked

There’s virtually nothing more disconcerting than an infestation of the bed bug in homes… and in the past few years, bed bugs have been making a comeback.

Yet just because you find a bed bug (or several) in your home doesn’t mean you aren’t keeping things clean.

Contrary to popular opinion, bed bugs aren’t picky. If they get into your home, they are looking for one thing: Food. That means, unfortunately, you are on the menu. And when they take a bite out of you, the emotional impact can be severe.

Bed bugs can be hard to find. Besides the tell-tale bites and itchy reactions, you have to go hunting to find their nesting ground. This can be in folds of blankets on your bed, in dresser drawers, and in electrical outlets, just to mention a few. Bed bugs are sneaking critters.

The good news is that when you travel, and you encounter what you think are bed bugs, it’s not automatic that they will ride home with you. As a precaution, keep your suitcase on a table and avoid putting clothes in the dressers. If you are careful, you can keep those critters at bay.

And when you arrive home, if there are any concerns about bed bugs hijacking your suitcase, put your clothes in the washing machine and then in the dryer. This should take care of the pests.

Of course, when in doubt, do what’s safe: Call a pest control expert!

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