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How often should I clean my carpets?

How often should I clean my carpets and area rugs?

Deep cleaning carpet and area rugs all through the house are an important part of home maintenance. We advocate deep cleaning your carpet at the very least once each 12 months. However, in some conditions, you ought to be deep cleaning your carpet on a more regular basis. In the event you’re wondering how often you should deep clean your carpet or area rugs, we have compiled a listing of professional recommendations below.

Have People who Smoke in Your House?

If there are tobacco smokers who smoke inside your property, it’s essential to deep clean your carpet every three to six months, depending on how much and how often they’re smoking indoors. Tobacco smoke comprises many dangerous gasses and particulates, together with some cancer-causing agents. These dangerous gasses may be absorbed into the dust in a room, which ends up in your carpet, area rugs, upholstery, and different delicate surfaces. In response to a 2002 research, these toxins may be transferred again into the air whenever you walk or sit on the soft surfaces, they usually can recombine to form dangerous compounds. This becomes harmful to anyone in the family. Deep cleaning your carpet with professional carpet cleaning from Bluegrass Company can take away these toxins and assist stop them from re-entering the air in your house.

What to Do if You Have Kids at Home?

When you’ve got kids in your house, we suggest deep cleaning your carpet a minimum of once every six months – however, not for the reason, you might assume! Sure, kids trigger extra spills and accidents, however, we’ve got spot-cleaning products that can assist you to take care of these messes. Our primary concern is the exposure your children might have to the allergens and microorganisms hiding in your carpet. The carpet is soft and warm so it’s an excellent place for the little ones to play, nap, picnic, or construct forts. Sadly, based on the American Lung Association, kids usually tend to be exposed to air pollution in carpeting, because they spend a lot of time playing on it, and since they might place their fingers in their mouths or around their eyes afterward. We advocate deep cleaning more often to take away these contaminants and to scale back the prospect of exposure. The easiest way to do that is with an expert service like ours.

What About Pets at House?

When you’ve got furry members of the family dwelling indoors, we advocate deep cleaning your carpet each six months minimum. Carpet and area rugs do an unbelievable job of trapping pet dander deep inside the fibers. While that is nice for air quality initially, merely walking on it, and even vacuuming, could make the dander airborne once more. Pet dander is made up of tiny flecks of pores and skin shed by animals with fur or feathers (yep, your birds have dander, too). Due to the microscopic size, it’s simple for pet dander particles to settle deep inside your carpet. Yuck! Want to hear something even yuckier? Dried saliva, urine, or mud from dried feces may also flake off your pet in the same manner and become trapped deep inside the fibers. Whereas regular vacuuming might help, it doesn’t take away all these tiny particles hiding beneath the surface. Deep cleaning is the one option to truly and thoroughly wash your carpet and area rugs. This process is necessary from a cleanliness perspective, nevertheless, it’s doubly important for those with pet allergy symptoms. Even for those who aren’t allergic to pet dander, there’s good a chance that a number of your visitors might have a pet allergy. In response to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Three in 10 folks in the US with allergies have allergic reactions to cats and canines, and cat allergy symptoms are about twice as frequent as canine allergy symptoms. A buildup of pet allergens could make respiratory signs worse, and reduce lung function in folks with even the slightest allergic response to pets. The best possible option to remove pet allergens from your home is to have your carpets and fabric professionally cleaned on a semi-annual basis.

No matter your deep cleaning schedule, Bluegrass Company has the carpet cleaning machines needed to finish the job the right way. If you need to deep clean each 3-6 months, it might make extra sense to enroll in our “schedule forward” cleaning program so it can save you money and time by having your carpets and rugs cleaned more regularly. When in doubt, reference the chart below.

As with all cleaning chores, there comes a time when it is time to throw in the towel and call the pros. Do the right thing and let your favorite cleaning company do the work for you. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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