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How to get slime out of carpet

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet The Easy Way

Slime is a fun, gooey substance that’s become one of the internet’s biggest crazes of the last few years and in this article, we will be talking about how to get slime out of carpet. Slime is cheap to make and relaxing to play with, but it’s also incredibly messy — and many parents have made the unfortunate discovery of finding slime smeared all over their carpet. (Think gum in your hair but worse, because you can’t just give your carpet a haircut.) Read on for a look at the composition of slime, its rise to popularity, and most importantly, how to get slime out of the carpet so you can keep your home looking beautiful.

What is slime made from?

The sheer popularity of slime means that store-bought kits are now readily available, but it’s extremely simple to make at home with basic household ingredients. Recipes vary depending on the type of slime desired, but the base ingredient of any slime is glue — specifically, the classic Elmer’s glue found in kindergarten classrooms everywhere. (This right here lets you know exactly how difficult slime is to remove from carpet!) The simplest slime recipe on how to get slime out of carpet contains just 3 ingredients: glue, borax (a powdered chemical cleaner), and water, plus food coloring to tint it. Due to concerns about the potential dangers of playing with borax, many alternative recipes have been devised with more natural ingredients. Instead of borax, slime can also be made with contact lens solution and/or baking soda.

Various additives like glycerine and baby oil make slime with different textures, from shiny and slick to fluffy and bubbly. Creative slime makers have also figured out that slime makes a perfect canvas for all kinds of additions, from glitter and confetti to beads, small toys, and essential oils to make scented slime. Basically, the only thing limiting the varieties of slime you can make is your own imagination.

The popularity of slime in the USA

It seems just about every decade in America has had its own slime-like substance of choice, from Silly Putty to Gak to Floam. Homemade slime-like substances have been popular for many years, often being whipped up by babysitters or kindergarten teachers for some messy fun. But thanks to platforms like Instagram and YouTube, slime hit it big in 2014 after becoming popular with teens in Thailand and quickly captured the imagination of Generation Z thanks to its cartoonish bright colors and the fact that it could be made easily and inexpensively by just about anyone, regardless of age or skill level. Videos of young people making slime and squishing it, squeezing it, and poking it went viral, fueled by the ASMR trend in which people enjoy watching videos of soothing sounds. Tweens and teens capitalized on the popularity of slime by selling it at school, via Etsy stores, and even at slime conventions attended by loyal fans. Why is slime so beloved? One school of thought is that slime gives young people a sensory break from all the phone screens, keyboards, and tablets that they have grown up surrounded by. It’s squishy and gooey and feels good to touch. It’s also a vehicle for endless creativity and gives kids a reason to get off their phones and something to do besides watch Netflix.

As far as strange trends go, it seems slime may have real staying power: America’s first slime museum, the Sloomoo Institute, opened in New York City in the fall of 2019. There are literally millions of Instagram posts hashtagged #slime and on YouTube, there are countless tutorials on how to make slime. Searching Etsy for slime returns thousands of results, from an array of slime varieties bearing names like a chameleon and holographic to slime mystery boxes, DIY slime kits, “Slime Queen” t-shirts, and slime-themed jewelry. It seems slime has spawned an entire cottage industry. But enough of that, let’s talk about how to get slime out of the carpet.

How to get slime out of carpet

The widespread popularity of slime means that if you have children or teens at home, it’s likely inevitable that slime will find its way into your house at some point. Its slippery nature means that mishaps are common, and the chance of slime winding up on your carpet is quite high. Slime’s sticky qualities cause it to quickly get embedded in carpet fibers. Thankfully it is possible to clean slime from carpet, seeing as how the base of it is washable glue; it will simply require some elbow grease and a little patience. Sometimes a slime accident won’t be discovered until the substance has set into the carpet fibers and dried out, and that’s actually preferable. Slime is much harder to remove from the carpet when it’s still in its gooey state, so you’ll want to wait until it dries out before you attempt to clean it up; otherwise, you’ll simply wind up scrubbing the slime deeper into the carpet fibers. You can also accelerate the process of the slime solidifying by placing an ice pack on top of the slime spot until it freezes.

To attempt how to get slime out of the carpet, you will need the following tools:

The first step in how to get slime out from the carpet is to scrape as much of it off your carpet as possible. Using the edge of your knife, putty spatula, or another tool, remove the excess debris until no more can be removed; you may even have to use your fingers to pick small bits of slime out of the carpet fibers. Then use the vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum to remove any tiny particles of slime from the floor.

Next, you’ll want to apply the cleaning solution of your choice to the slime spot. A commercial carpet cleaner will work here, but you can also use a natural DIY solution such as a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. If going the homemade route, transfer your cleaning solution to a spray bottle so you can evenly saturate the spot without completely soaking the carpet. Once you’ve applied your cleaning solution to the slime spot, use the old toothbrush or dish scrubbing brush to gently scrub the carpet and help the solution penetrate. Use the clean rag or towel to help remove the slime, making sure not to rub too aggressively as that will cause the slime to go even deeper into the carpet fibers. Repeat this process as necessary, using more cleaning solution and scrubbing until the slime has been lifted from the carpet. However, if the slime contained a heavy amount of food coloring it may not be possible to get your carpet 100 percent clean, particularly if you have a light-colored carpet.

When in doubt, hire a pro!

We hope you found this article on how to get slime out of carpet but if stubborn slime stains are giving you a run for your money, take the logical next step and call a pro. They’ll handle your toughest messes and cleaning catastrophes so that you can get back to what’s really important — enjoying your home.

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